AL Wild Card Game Twitter Map

2014 ALWCG Twitter Graphs

The Royals and A’s had quite the entertaining 12-inning game Tuesday night. These are a few graphs I made from Twitter data. Yellow is Oakland; blue is Kansas City. The proportions of tweets between teams might be off, but I would venture to guess the Royals had much more social media activity than the A’s. The map shows geotagged tweets from 5PM to 1AM EDT from yesterday. The middle of the country was solid blue, California was pretty yellow, and the East Coast was rather mixed.

AL Wild Card Game Twitter Map

The volume of tweets per minute is a pretty cool view of what happened during the game. It looks like the Royals really outpaced the A’s for volume, but I’d have to use some controls to determine that for sure. These are just for fun.

AL Wild Card Game Twitter Time Series

I used Twitter’s streaming API to collect tweets with keywords like “Royals”, “A’s”, “TakeTheCrown”, “GreenCollar”, etc. I could have missed a crucial element of discussion, and none of this takes into account sentiment just frequency of mention in a tweet.