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2015 Steelers-Ravens Playoffs Hashtag Use

2015 Steelers-Ravens Playoff Twitter Infographics

The Steelers-Ravens playoff game gave me a chance to test out a new analytics server and some of the tools I’ve been working on to make Twitter analysis easy using ad hoc Python scripts. So here goes:

There were a lot of Steelers or Ravens colored emojis, black and gold hearts or buttons and the purple devils. Though for some reasons the ‘crying my eyes out’ emoji is by far the most popular in this collection of tweets. The yellow line represents how many unique tweets there were featuring that emoji. For example, 14 of the same of emoji in one tweet would count for 14 in the blue bar, while it would count for just 1 in the context of the yellow line.

2015 Steelers-Ravens Playoffs Emoji Use

Here’s the hashtag use. The #steelers exceeded the #ravens. This looks cool, but it doesn’t tell you much.

2015 Steelers-Ravens Playoffs Hashtag Use

Here’s a bar chart that’s a lot easier to read if you want the information.

2015 Steelers-Ravens Playoffs Hashtag Bar Chart